What is Meal Planning?

what is meal planning

You’ve got this far which means you’re interested in learning about meal planning – so, welcome!

This site is dedicated to all-things meal planning from the different kinds you can do to hints and tips, resources and downloadable recipes.  But before we dive in, let’s start with the basics: What is Meal Planning? and How can it Help Me?

What is Meal Planning?

Meal Planning is the process of choosing your meals in advance ONCE rather than having to work it out on the hop every night.

You can plan for a week, a month or a whole season (!) and at the end of it you will have a firm idea of what your household will be cooking and eating, and can shop and prep for it accordingly.

Simply put, it saves you time, money and STRESS!

I get it, it’s another task I have to build into my week.

Well, yes, and no.  You see, the thing is, once you’ve done it once you can get it right down to only 30 minutes a week (I promise) and it’ll save you a LOT more time than that elsewhere.  Plus it really isn’t very difficult to do.

So, how can it help me?

Did I mention it can save you time, money and stress?

Think of all the evenings where you’ve started to cook dinner only to realise that you’re out of some key ingredient or the meal you had planned simply won’t work for your schedule.  And how many times have you gazed blankly into your fridge praying that the random ingredients you have will somehow constitute a balanced meal?

Okay, you’ve convinced me to learn more.  How do I start?

Glad to have you on board.  Here’s what we’ll do.  Take a look at Meal Planning for Beginners and follow the three easy stages.  It should give you an idea of how meal planning can make things easier.  Then, when you’re ready to progress to the next level, try Types of Meal Planning for more variations on your meals.

And while you’re here, join my Facebook group SMART Meals where we can chat directly about your meal-planning strategy.

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