Six Ways to Get Ahead for Christmas

Today I’m bringing you a guest post from Jo at Blossom Coaching (read All About Jo at the bottom).  She is here to share her Six Ways to Get Ahead for Christmas, that she will be employing as a busy mum and business woman.

So firstly I’m a new mum, well technically Daisy is 10 months old but I still don’t know what I’m doing so I call myself “new” to cover that off.

In my time as “Motha” I’ve learnt that being organised is absolutely key. In fact, I’ve turned into a Colonel, barking orders at anyone within ear shot.
To this degree I’ve learnt a few things about planning / organisation and where I can save money.
Christmas is just around the corner and if the thought of me dropping the “c” bomb brings you out in a cold shiver, then you need to read on. Be cool / calm and collected this Christmas by keeping to these simple strategies.

Six Ways to Get Ahead

1)  plan what you’re going to eat (der,  obvs!) over the break. If that involves having the family around, it’ll  help to figure out, now, what you’re going to eat and then write out your shopping list.
2) if you shop weekly, then add 2 Christmas items a week to your shopping list. That way you aren’t spending an absolute bomb all in that month, or week before!!!
3) shop online. Yes we all know that shopping online is cheaper but realistically it’s easier too. You have less chance of just grabbing a few extra items that you just don’t need.
If you haven’t shopped online before, then this is a great time as loads of shops give you discounts to join up so why not take the extra discount and buy extra for Christmas.
Also, if you haven’t shopped online, a lot of the supermarkets do a nice little incentive of £10 off your first order, which is just wunderbar!
4) cashback sites (cha -ching!) I absolutely love these sites. I once bought (pre baby and when I actually spent money on myself!!!!) an Armani bag and got £40 off. I was more excited about the discount.
If you’re buying toys or food online then why not get money back from it.  Try Quidco and Topcashback.
5) you don’t need brand-new toys. OK, so I’m going to upset a few of you here, but buying second hand is cheaper and you can get some great bargains. My friend has set up a Facebook group with a load of second-hand toys and you can’t tell the difference. It’s cheaper and you can get more for your money.
6) be realistic. Again you’re probably sitting there thinking “my little Timmy won’t be happy if he doesn’t get 100 gifts this year!” The difference here is that you’re more than likely run into debt and won’t pay it off before the next Christmas so think now, about your budget and stick to it.
Thanks Jo, that’s some awesome advice – and the ideas are so easy to put into practice!

All About Jo

I’m Jo, I’m a business Strategist for Motha’s in Biz. Simply put, I help create Passive Income and streamline your business by implementing systems so you can have more freedom and flexibility in your life.
When I had my baby, in 2016 it was a huge shock. I mean where was my “me” time? So my business suffered as a result and I had to learn very quickly how I could still achieve my basic revenue goal, but with the least amount of time. The answer was Passive Income and Sales Funnels.

I want to empower you, the person who is struggling to make ends meet, or just wants more flexibility and not to feel so stressed, or the guilt of leaving your babies, whilst you have to go to work. The answer is Passive Income so let me show you the way, Motha!

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