Cook-Ahead Christmas

It can be so stressful trying to coordinate all the various dishes on Christmas day that it can sometimes feel like all you’re doing is cooking and there’s no time for presents, family and fun.  Furthermore, with all the time and effort that goes into the food, it’s easy to sit down to dinner exhausted and feeling like you never want to see another sprout again.

So allow me to take the stress out of the cooking for you.

Why not try a Cook-Ahead Christmas?

Imagine that you have made your Christmas-day dinner plan in advance, prepared most of it in the days and weeks leading up to the big event (hello, freezer!) and that on Christmas morning all you have to do is put things in the oven, add the finishing touches and drink a glass (or two) of champagne.  This list lets you do exactly that, with no compromise on taste or appearance either.

There are a lot of elements of Christmas dinner that cope perfectly well with being prepared – or even cooked – in advance and then you can reheat, roast, finish or tweak things to suit your schedule, without all the hands-on of last-minute peeling and chopping.

This downloadable list of Cook-Ahead Christmas dishes covers starters, mains, sides, desserts and party food and tells you when you can make them, how to store them and how to finish them.

Pin it up somewhere prominent in your kitchen, make a start NOW and then spend the time with your loved ones, not the oven.

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Cook-Ahead Christmas


Merry Christmas from The Food Brood.

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